Friday, December 29, 2006

Wow. My first blog post ever. Be gentle.

So I don't think this'll be a long-lived blog. I'm in Sudan for the holidays, though, and I've been pretty bad about corresponding with my homies back home, so I figgered this'd be a good stand-in, perhaps.

So I'll briefly summarize the past week or so before I have to run. We flew out of Portland on the 24th, on a nice, relatively direct flight from Portland to Khartoum (ask me to tell you about getting the tickets (and visas!) sometime -- it was a nightmare). Flying over Christmas is awesome. I highly recommend it. All the flight attendants (I nearly said stewardesses there -- shame on my sexually-stereotyping self) wear funny reindeer or Santa Claus hats, which I admit is gimmicky and cheesy, but it made me happy. Best of all, though, there was like no-one else flying. It took 5 minutes or less to get through all the security checkpoints, there were plenty of seats available, and we barely had any delays. If I could fly on Christmas everytime, I totally would.

Then British Airways lost our bags. All of them. As best as we can tell, they weren't able to keep up when we transited through Seattle, when our pilot decided he wanted to get home early, and pushed forward our take-off time by about a half-hour. Which is sweet and all, but dammit! Anyway, the bags haven't arrived yet (4 days later), and I've been alternating between my two pairs of clothing for the past few days. Jen was fortunate enough to have a few extra pairs in her carry-on (nyah!). BA was nice enough to give us $100 each as compensation, which is nice and all, I guess.

But we're here, and it's awesome. The Nile is as big as always. We've done a fair amount of touristy stuff already, touring Khartoum, trying to go to a Suffi Dervish thing (not whirling, sadly, and they ended up not being there 'cause of Eid), stuff like that. I shall elucidate more on these in further blog posts, so check back often.

Now, though, I must run. We're heading off on a three day camping trip to the Sixth Cataract and the pyramids at Meroƫ. I'll tell y'all about it, and upload pictures and everything, when I get back.