Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fuck Heathrow

Argh! So, on our way to Sudan, our bags get stuck at Heathrow airport for a week and a half. On our way back, we land in Heathrow a half-hour late due to congestion. Then we sit on the ground for a half-hour because they don't have the buses to take us to the gate. Then they don't have the stairs. Then they don't have the buses again. By the time we get off the airplane, the next leg of our trip had already flown off.

So then we have to wait at the reticketing desk for a half-hour as we're rerouted through Vancouver (where I am right now) to arrive 12 hours later then originally planned. We get on the plane in Heathrow, which promptly leaves an hour-and-a-half late due to congestion problems (we spent ~45 minutes taxiing).

And then we show up in Vancouver, and our bags aren't here. Yes, that's right, our bags got lost again. Happy happy joy joy!


  1. I totally called this; at least, the baggage relosing. Granted, that kind of clairvoyance won't be taking James Randi's million dollar prize anytime soon, but still.
    On the previous topic, 'Mitten Raper' was my new favorite anagram, 'til it was supplanted by the realization that Syd's brother's name can become 'Ninja Reamer'.
    Anywho, time to brave the enormous snowdrifts paralyzing Portland. If it gets any snowier, dire wolves are going to spontaneously re-evolve.

  2. Of course, you could also be "Reamer Ninja," and get a whole bunch of new connotations. I am jealous of your dire-wolf spawning Portland snow. Here, there is only the gaze of the hateful Day-Star.
    Remember, Joseph: Heathrow is "pretty as an airport."

  3. Those were merely my post-Hot Pocket bitter snide remarks. As late as 6 this morning they were saying there'd be an inch of snow on the valley floor before noon. There was in fact a light sprinkling that didn't stick, and then a random hailstorm around 1pm. I realized after posting that anyone not in Portland would not be aware of this.
    And you're right; a ninja with a reamer or reamers as his weapon would be intimidating.

  4. Yeah, you called it. I'll buy you a beer next time I see you. I can't say I'm surprised by the lost bags, although I was kind of amazed at how many other small things went wrong (on top of my early-morning post, our flight out of Vancouver was two hours late because our original flight attendant had a stomach flu, and then the plane de-icing took a long time). The lost bags should be less of a problem this time, since we're at home and actually have clothes (yay!).

    Ninja Reamer is pretty damn cool. For me, I think Mitten Raper has a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to it. And yeah, the snow was kind of underwhelming. Maybe tomorrow? Fingers crossed.

  5. I used to rape mittens when I was in my room alone in high school. Wait, those were some toe socks. Well, same thing.