Thursday, March 8, 2007


So, LA is everything I expected it to be. Take that as you will. As my airplane flew in, I was struck by how bizarre and (literally) alien the surrounding environs felt. There was a grid system of lights as far as the eye could see, and as I looked out the window, I could see another small plane descending from the sky about a mile or so away. It was really eerie, and looked like a scene from Star Wars. (You know, in Episode 2, where the ship is descending towards Coruscant and there's city as far as the eye can see and...).

Unsuccessfully navigating the bus system after dark added a bit of excitement to my initial experience. And by "excitement", of course, I mean "duration". The bus ride was an hour-long as it was, which stretched into about two-and-a-half hours upon having to retrace my steps and wait a long time at the south station terminal. Given that the entire duration of just the plane portion of my trip was ~3 hours, I felt ever so slightly silly. My mood was not helped by the presence of an extraordinarily smelly fellow in the row ahead of me. Seriously. The guy could have stunned an ox at twenty paces. Needless to say, I'm taking a taxi to the airport tomorrow morning. There are some sacrifices I'm not willing to make in the name of public transport.

Ooh, and I got to see a celebrity! That's right! We were taken out to dinner, and the street immediately out front had been blocked off (with a red carpet laid out and everything) for the premier of Shooter, a movie I'd not heard of before. It stars Mark Wahlberg, though, and I got to see him walk by and primp for the cameras and everything. Mind you, I was inside a building and ~50 feet away, but it was definitely him. It was weird caring about it: I'm not a particularly celebrity-oriented person, but the draw of the flashing cameras and people's stares elicited this strange, herd-like compulsion in me to track the center of attention. I'm sheep.


  1. You forgot to add "and I've been watching ET every night ever since." I'm sure it would help your trivia night standings.

  2. And the University? How was that? Hope to see tonight!

  3. You know what term is hilarious? "Sheeple!" It's the acme of humor- here, let me explain why it's funny.
    See, it's a word made out of two different words! (Isn't that cool?) Those two words are "sheep" and "people."
    So, "sheeple" means that people are sheep! And here, the word "sheep" is used in the idiomatic sense, to represent something stupid and herdlike! Is that not the greatest neologism every?

    Actually, the word "sheeple" is one of the few words that actually grates on me. That, and when people type "teh" in an attempt to be funny. And, your last two sentences inevitably brought the term "sheeple" to mind.
    Stupid portmanteau. I hate it so much...
    I would have stared in awe at Mark Wahlberg. I'd want to say something to him like "I heart Huckabees, Mr. Wahlberg, and I heart you, too." I'm sure he's never heard that before, and that he'd find it hilarious.
    How was UCLA? Or, as it is often called Youcla? Can we expect you to become an Angelino anytime soon?

  4. I'm not willing to sink down to the level of watching ET, just to improve my trivia night standings. Brrrrr. Good Morning America is as low as I'll go. And that's my final offer.

    I don't understand what "Hope to see tonight" means, Katie, but I hope to show tonight. Oh, baby. If you're asking my impressions of the University (which, upon rereading your post, it's perfectly clear that you are), I shall make a post sometime in the not-too-distant future with my thoughts. Sound good?

    I'm kind of down on the whole "People Are Sheep" meme, as well (or is it just the word that bothers you?). It's always said by people who have this superiority complex about how independent-thinking they are, and think that this places them on a level above the rest of us. I guess it annoys me because people are so completely unwilling to acknowledge how much of their opinions are shaped and guided (unknowingly or not) by those of people around them. Basically, anyone who thinks they're forming their opinions based on the power of reason and independent-thinking alone is fooling themselves. Which is why the word "sheeple" grates on me. I kinda have a soft spot for "teh", though. Not quite as cool as "pr0n", but still good in my book.

  5. Oh yeah, and Mark Wahlberg is quite dashing in a suit. Apparently Danny Glover is in the movie too, which means I probably saw him as well. But I didn't recognize him from that far away.