Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Miscellaneous updates

I've been a bad blogger. Not that there's a quota or anything (and I'm certainly not as bad as Rip), but I keep on thinking of things to post but never getting around to it (I was going to ruminate at length about how much I appreciated the Ninja Turtles' 20-something angst and ennui in the latest movie, and how eerily well it parodied a lot of the confusion my friends are going through. But I didn't). This is basically because I've been traveling a lot. Jen'n'I went out to DC last week, mostly for vacational purposes (witness lovely, ironic cross cake baked by Katie the Lovely 50s Housewife for our Easter Brunch). I'm now in Boston, where I will be attending various and sundry work meetings and then visiting up with Eric and other people that have not revealed their blogs to me to which I could link. As a result of all of this flying, I am now intimately familiar with United's in-flight programming, and will burst a blood vessel if I ever again hear the natterings of "my boy Priestley", the DJ for the top-20 radio station (it was a fucking wasteland, man, it's all I had -- besides, they played Fidelity, by Regina Spektor, which is a damn catchy song).

Oh, and there's some other big news that a surprising number of people seem to have learned about despite my not yet actually having gotten around to telling them. But for those few of you who read this and don't know, I'm going to be entering the CIS Ph.D. program at UCLA next year. There's all sorts of things wrapped up in that, of course (leaving Oregon soonish being the big one), but I'll get around to writing a more interesting and informational post about that at some other point. But now it's late, I'm in a hotel room, and I have a meeting tomorrow morning, so that's all you get.


  1. U-C! L-A! U-C! L-A! Just getting you ready for their innane chants. That's good news Joseph! I'm sure it will all be excellent down in sunny california for you! Looking forward to hearing all your cool stories.

  2. That Regina Spektor song is quite nifty. I've sort of discovered that any band that features hip women with unusual instruments is total Joebait.

    Rasputina? Goth chicks with cellos. I like.
    The Capricorns? Nerd girls with Casios. Tres Nifty.
    Joanna Newsome? Hippy girl with a harp. Coolness.

    Then Ms. Spektor comes along with that sort of pizzacato beat thing and I like it instantly. I know it's not representative of her stuff, but I now I really do think that if some indie outfit came out that was entirely composed of hipster women playing vibraphones I'd probably be predictable enough to like it.

    My students here in Japan seem to think that LA is this hyperdangerous place where you get shot for no reason. I've tried to explain to them that only part of LA is like that- but usually to no avail.
    Wish I could have been there for the ironic cake- I do so like Jesus-themed sarcastic brunches.

    You know- now that you've mentioned the Turtles having twentysomething angst, you have to post about it. Seriously- I await your thoughts with baited keyboard.

  3. What the f**k? Why are you posting pictures of me on the internet?
    You are banished from DC for ever...I wish I had some of that cake though. After eating it for five days, I threw it away and now I want some. Oh the irony!

  4. Emily's fluffy heart cake we made when you guys were visiting us feels left out :)