Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kilts and personal boundaries

Do you ever feel like there aren't enough people in your life asking about your undergarments? Would you like more perfect strangers to approach you with questions about your nether-regions? Have I got a solution for you! Some of you have seen me in my Utilikilt, a birthday present from some of my friends (thanks, friends!). For those of you who have not seen it, witness at right a picture of me in my kilt, beating the everliving crap out of a piƱata.

I love my kilt. It's extraordinarily comfortable and has large pockets (the two most important features in a garment, in my studied opinion). There is a somewhat famous style with which kilts are worn -- you may perhaps have heard of this -- frequently referred to as "going regimental". It's somewhat surprising to me the number of people (complete strangers, for the most part) who think nothing of coming up to me and asking, out of the blue, "Are you wearing underwear?" In most cases, I can envision myself asking my interlocutor the exact same question and receiving, at the least, quizzical looks, if not annoyance and social ostracization. Instead, what would otherwise be a crude sexual come-on is now just a casual question from an interested bystander.

Not that I mind, you understand. It's a reasonably effective icebreaker, if nothing else. It also seems to be a much more common question from women then men (the last woman who mentioned it also told me that I had nice legs for it, which was an odd, if flattering, comment). Not sure if this is because women care more, for some reason, or if men are just concerned about the implications to their sexuality if they run about asking questions about other men's underdrawers. What do you think?