Friday, July 13, 2007

An eight-year-old's weekend

I spent a fair chunk of last Sunday hanging out with my friend K. Initially, we had really only intended on doing fairly boring, adult things. You know, hanging out at a coffeeshop and stuff like that. Which was fun, and all. Through some fluke, though, we somehow managed to turn into 8-year-olds for the rest of the afternoon. We spent the day baking cookies, and then decided to go down to the river and feed ducks. Also, we spent some time filling in a coloring book. It was a gloriously idyllic afternoon.

Mind you, I made cookies for some of my coworkers who had to work the weekend, and the coloring book was the Cthulhu Rainy Day activity book. But I refuse to allow that to detract from the experience.


  1. that sounds like a fantastic weekend. what kind of cookies did you make? and can i have some?

  2. It was magnificent. We made chocolate-chip cookies, and while they're all gone, we can make cookies together the next time I see you. Deal?