Friday, August 31, 2007

Hello from Japan!

I hope you appreciate the difficulty I have gone through to provide you with this blog post. Specifically, since I am writing this from my hotel room in Tokyo, Google has thoughtfully decided that I must be a native Japanese speaker, and has translated all of the navigational controls on this website in to Japanese. Which I don't speak. I have managed to get by on muscle memory, so far. If you're actually reading this post, that menas it has carried me through all the way to the end. On that note, on to the meat of the post.

Look, at right. See the diminutive, coffin-like enclosure (also, my feet)? That was my hotel room last night. I am in Japan for a week or so, visiting my good friends SonicLlama and Kori the Tomorrow Lady. Kori, in charge of accommodations for SL and I, decided it would be good fun to book us in a capsule hotel. I am genuinely grateful for the unique cultural experience this provides me; I am also grateful that I get to spend tonight in somewhat roomier accommodations, with my own bathroom. Luxury!

My trip so far has consisted of wandering around Tokyo, gazing upon the vastness and shininess of its splendor. In coming days, I intend to have more detailed and interesting posts about this. For now, though, you should look at this picture of Joe and I, who have decided to get drunk (and also, apparently, blurry) in public, just because we can. Gaze upon the glory of our crappy canned beer! Revel!

Also, because I think they are hilarious, you should look at the following picture of King Kong climbing the American Club (what a glorious image we project upon the foreign masses, fellow countrymen!), and Darth Vader, reenvisioned as a samurai. Oh, yes. Awesome beyond measure.


  1. "This is a samurai George Lucas stole from Kurosawa. We're stealin' it back!"

  2. I've heard of those little hotel pods, but thought it was just myth.

  3. Yeah, the samurai Darth Vader was something else. The store also had a replica Adolf Hitler, which was very strange, but we thought it best not to take pictures inside the building itself. The model did look very detailed and lovingly crafted, though...

    And yes, the hotel pods do exist. And they're cheap and functional, although not quite as private as I'd like...

  4. I'm glad that I stayed in one of those things at least once in my life. They're kind of comfy, though. And in the morning, you get to shower with a bunch of old, naked, grunting Japanese men. What could be better?