Sunday, September 30, 2007

Indie movie stores

I just dropped by a small indie movie rental store in LA. Similar in feel to Movie Madness in Portland, if you're familiar with that. There are two especially cool things about the store. One, they sell t-shirts with the names of famous directors done up like famous rock band logos (Fassbinder as Metallica, for example, and Ingmar Bergman as Iron Maiden). Two, they have an awesome categorization scheme. All indie movie rental stores seem to have atypical categorization schemes (sorted by director, or time period, or actor, or whatever), but this one was particularly clever. In particular, they have a section in comedy called Shade Flippin', which is dedicated to movies whose front cover depicts the slickly-dressed main actor looking out at the viewer over the top of his stylish sunglasses. Good examples would be Doc Hollywood and Risky Business.

I think this is awesome.

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  1. Their section that includes movie art which two of the characters. facing the camera, shown with either the right or left half of their faces fading into darkness (a la Face Off) must be enormous.

    Seriously. That image has been done to death.