Sunday, November 11, 2007

To do: LA


Take a trip down Mullholland Drive

Stroll down Venice Beach

Visit the Getty Center

Bikeride the wrong way up a highway onramp

Productive weekend.


  1. What did you do when you got to the top (or the bottom, maybe?) of the ramp?

  2. Oh, also - did you hate the Getty Center? I was pretty disappointed. I mean, you have to pay for everything and the collection isn't very good, interesting or coherent! I think everyone just does it for the tram ride.

  3. Re: The ramp. I was trying to get to the beach, and took a street that I thought led to parking for the Santa Monica Pier. Turned out it was actually an onramp for Highway 1 (which I believe is actually a freeway around here). Got to the bottom, whereupon I realized I was on a freeway with a concrete divider on one side and a cliff-face on the other, and no shoulder. So, I very, very carefully rode the wrong way back up the onramp, scrambled over an embankment, and went along my merry way.

    Re: the Getty Center. I actually liked it quite a bit. What did you have to pay for? I had to pay for parking and I bought lunch, but I didn't see anything else that required money. The collection wasn't exceptional, I suppose, but I really liked the architecture and the view.

    I did just see a Salvador Dali exhibit at LACMA yesterday, which was much cooler, artwise. Right next to the La Brea Tarpits, no less...