Monday, February 11, 2008


You may not have been aware that LA has a pretty big Latino population. It's true! I suppose that, being at least somewhat vaguely aware of that fact, I should have been completely unsurprised that there are nightclubs in LA that cater exclusively to Spanish-language speakers. Well, you would be wrong. When my friend K invited me to go out clubbing with her last Saturday, I was slightly surprised to find that the club's website didn't even have an English-language version.

Which shouldn't have surprised me too much, I suppose. I mean, K is Bolivian, and the whole evening was intended to be a celebration of Carnival. Fortunately, my Spanish is good enough at this point that I could at least vaguely follow what was going on (although K had to keep me from raising my hands every time the MC prompted us -- "You're not Argentinian!" was a frequent refrain).

Lessons of the evening:

LA drink prices still suck. $11 for an AMF is unconscionable. Hell, I'm still pissed that $6 for a beer is cheap around here.

Dancing is fun. Dancing on stage is more fun. Getting kicked off the stage because you're not supposed to bring your drink up with you is not fun, but tolerable.

Brazilian Samba dancers are hot. I offer up, as paltry evidence, this crappy cell phone picture I took.

Oh, hell, just try to imagine it.


  1. woohoo! looking smokin.

    drinks still cheaper than in some parts of Tokyo.

  2. I applaud you for your assessment of your efficacy with Spanish. I wish I could transplant you linguistic confidence to some of my students.

    In the meantime, I'm imagining those dancers as hard as I can.

    Oh yeah...

    That's nice...

  3. Yeah, I'm sure the drinks get more expensive around here, too. But still, I'd almost gotten used to paying $6 for a pint of beer. Then I went back to Eugene, ordered a beer at Luckey's (my neighborhood dive bar), and the bartender said "That's $2.50". I felt like crying.

    I doubt you can imagine them hard enough, Joe... But I applaud your attempt.

  4. Your life is so exciting and cool! Thank God for the internet and vicarious experience!