Thursday, June 19, 2008


My blistering rate of postage is going to experience a bit of a slowdown for the next two weeks or so. I_tried and I are doing a self-supported bike-camping trip through the Adirondacks. It's a blast! Also, very rainy. I'm in Lake Placid (home of the Miracle On Ice!) at a public library, but I doubt I'll have much Internet access for the next few days (which is going to be hell when I have to sort through my emails: I had ~100 for the last two days alone).

We're having a great time so far, though. Yesterday: 60 miles, raining the whole way, with 3500 feet of elevation gain. Wish you were here.


  1. I am a bad person. My immediate thought after reading this was, "hehehe, I should totally send Joseph a message with one word per email. hehehe. that would be totally hilarious. for me." Lucky for you I have a) a frontal lobe that makes judgments and tells me when things are just assholery and not anything else; and b) a pretty bad cold so my normal level of laziness is like quadrupled. Hooray for disease? Anyway, have a good continuation of your trip! The first (and only) time Pete and I went camping we went to the Oregon coast in March. It was wet and cold. But we had so much fun! So I don't doubt you guys can pull it off. :)

  2. Sounds like a great time. You know, if you decide to turn around and head up to Massachusetts, let me know.

  3. If you're causing yourself pain, doesn't that also kind of make it sadism? I mean, sadism is getting off on causing pain, right? So isn't it kind of both.

    I'd love to go biking with you and/or Katie, and I'm sure we will at some point. I'm sort of marveling at how much I like cycling on a road bike. I resisted for so long, and now I totally love it.

    Also, if you really, really miss the internet you should just close your eyes and imagine, as vividly as you can, LOLcats and porn. That way, you'll get a good 62% of the experience right there.

  4. sucks about the rain!

    I'm sure the internet won't miss you as much as we do.

    I'm trying to plan my tour de tohoku (i.e. northern japan) now. I've read 60miles (100km) a day is good to shoot for unless you've trained a fair amount. That said I was hoping to do more and train more.... until this cold.

    so no disease for you! maybe some for sydney, though.

  5. Fortunately, the rain's letting up. It's been rainyt mornings for the past couple days, but the bikerides themselves have been pleasant and sunny. Hooray!

    Sydney: Thanks for not being a jerk. I've always appreciated that about you.

    Eric: At this point, we're as close to Massachusetts as we're going to get. Tell you what: if you volunteer to drive me all the way back to Burlington (or pay for the plane ticket: trains don't allow bikes on board), I'll gladly swing by to visit.

    Llama: Biking would be awesome (but who's this Katie? I'm riding with I_tried). After this ride, I'm definitely interested in doing a cross-country trip at some point in my life. Perhaps you would join in?

    Kori: I'll give you advice when I'm done with this trip. However, we've been doing about 50-odd miles a day on our average days (some days, like today, are short days so we can do chores like check the Internet and do laundry), and I've found that eminently manageable. The elevation will affect things a lot, though.

    Alright, back to biking!