Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pictures part 1: People

Bright-eyed and busy-tailed, I_tried and I stand aside our trusty steeds, prepared to sally forth and subject our muscles to horrible, horrible stress.

At this point, taking the ferry across Lake Champlain, we've biked about a total of 15 miles. Which explains why we're in reasonably good spirits and relatively kempt.

"Great, now when you post your pictures to your blog, you can show off how far ahead of me you rode the entire trip."

It would be hard to overemphasize how much I_tried enjoyed this burger.

B, strong contender for the title of World's Nicest Bartender, poses next to Joe, probable winner of Bar's Most Valuable Patron Of The Evening.

Food, both the gastronomical enjoyment of and the excessive consumption of, featured heavily in our trip. Featured here, a peanut-butter, marshmallow, and honey sandwich. Highly recommended.

Depth-of-field is fun!

Yes, I_tried really did bring a summer dress on our 600-mile bikeride.

The trio, clustered in front of one of the many, many road-side food-stands visited in the later parts of the trip (I told you food was important).

And finally, yours truly, seated above Lake George.


  1. Thanks! More to come in the next couple days, whenever I have the time.

  2. awesome. food is so good...

  3. Undoubtably, yellow helmets and tied scarves will be all over catwalks by this fall. I know the hot new trend when I see one.

    The Adirondacks looks fairly picturesque.

  4. hmmm, I noticed you decided to go for camel paks but not lycra. for now I've decided against both. did the camelpak get really hot?

  5. And catwalks will be on ferries. I have deigned it so.

    The Adirondacks are gorgeous. I'll be posting scenery pictures in the next couple days.

    Kori: you mean lycra shorts? Those are actually padded shorts, they just have an external layer with pockets (very useful!). I highly recommend the Camelbak; it's much easier than bottles. I didn't find the Camelbaks particularly uncomfortable. They may have warmed my back, but hell: you're going to be sweating like a pig, anyway.

  6. I like how the bartender asked not to be put on myspace and you put him on your blog! Ah, the irony or something closely related...