Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pictures part 3: Scenery

The last batch. Please to enjoy.

Even the smallest village on our trip had a little cemetery on the outskirts, with headstones dated centuries in the past. It's weird visiting a city in the US that's more than, say, a hundred years old.

There were micro-lakes everywhere -- we rode by a handful every day.

I took lots of pictures of lakes.

Did I mention that it rained every day of the trip but one? Because, yeah, it totally did.

For emphasis, here: it rained a lot.

There were lots of country highways. I feel that my captions are becoming somewhat less inspired.

I_tried leaves me in the dust.

Thomas Kincaid I ain't.

Would you describe the light here as "dappling" the road? 'Cause I would.

This is actually a crop, although damned if I know what of.

And the obligatory artsy shot.


  1. man that's a lot of gear...

    beautiful pictures! aaaaaaaaa, I'm so excited I can't even think straight enough to pack.


    well done!

  2. :-) Thanks!

    It is a lot of gear. That was before we went crazy and threw stuff away.

    Have fun packing! It's not that bad, I promise.

  3. Thank god you're not Thomas Kincaid.

    And yes, that light is indeed "dappling."