Friday, October 24, 2008

A (brief) interruption to my otherwise laggardly Korea-post producing rate. I just happened to be skimming through the Onion (procrastinating, of course, on writing an essay), and came across one of their regular columns, Statshot, which this week was asking "What Else Is On The Ballot?"

Item number 5 on the list is "Portland, OR: Joke about a guy walking into an election booth."

It is more than a little bit likely that I am making too much out of this, but it delighted me to no end to see such an incomprehensible (to most people) joke on their list. No one I know down here has even heard of vote-by-mail, and I can only guess at what they would have made of the joke. I just feel like I'm part of a little, 3.7-million-or-so-strong, secret club right now.

I guess it's kind of a joke if you don't know about Oregon's vote-by-mail, but then it's not nearly as funny.

And that's that. I now return to a more placid rate of posting.

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  1. The very first time I voted was also the last year that Oregon was using voting booths. I had a feeling of "Woo! Got in there just in time!" It's sort of neat to have made real world use of an anachronism.