Monday, November 24, 2008

Korea, part 4

Oh, yea verily, an aeon it ago 'twas when I set forth to document the course of my voyages. Oh foolish, foolish me! Such hubris, such unalloyed arrogance! to think that such a weighty endeavor could be writ in timely fashion. Muse! Forgive me my insolence, I beseech thee!

Humble reader, judge me not by my tardiness, think me not blind to your presence. For, if not for you, what am I? A pale shadow of nothing, a meaningless echo in the aether: without purpose, empty, and alone.

Recollect, I implore, the fragile tendril of a story with which I last left you: of Llama, my faithful companion, and I, as we set forth, bold and foolish, into a --

Alright, I'm not going to be able to keep that up for any longer... Let's see if I can do a narrative through pictures, instead.

Llama and I went down to Gyonju, which is this pretty spiffy town at the south-east end of the country (due to the awesomeness of high-speed rail (please, please work, Prop 1A!), it took us only four hours to cross the country).

Here, the quaintly urban scene surrounding Seoul Station.

And we'll pretend that this picture was intended as an artsy self-portrait, rather than evidence of my unawareness of the existence of flashes.

Wandering around Gyonju the following day, we encountered a number of mammarially-inclined burial mounds, a representative of which is displayed below.

The real treat of Gyeonju, however, is Namsan Park, a large, undeveloped swathe of land south of the city utterly littered with historic Buddhist relics. It was almost embarrassing wandering around -- one incautious step and you would probably end up shattering a thousand-year old prayer mound. Although noone would likely have noticed.

(Zoom in on this next one)

Of course, our trail was occasionally arduous, requiring sacrifices and feats of almost inhuman bravery. Witness this breathtaking precipice!

Marvel at SonicLlama's daring feats of rope acrobatics!

Of course, such a trial demanded celebration on both our behalves.

At long last, we reached the top of the trail ("a veritable Shangri-La," in Llama's words), a small monestary nestled at the end of a multiple-mile long hike up a challenging hillside trail. Complete with coffee-vending machine.

And large Buddha, around which we stood awkwardly while non-tourists conducted actual, sincere, non-ironic prayers.

Sadly, in punishment for our disrespect, SonicLlama was infected and turned into a werewolf.

And proceeded to shrink my head.

Thankfully, I was soon rescued by my new Vampire friends, who drove Llama off, howling in to the distance.

And helped me get back to the train station, where I hopped on and took the bullet train direct to Los Angeles.

And that's how it really happened, children. Now fetch grampa his Valium!

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  1. Daring feats! Woo! It funny how incredibly sweat-streaked we both are in those pictures. I certainly would have smelt like a werewolf...

    Fuckin' Korean vampires... I'll get those bastards yet...