Saturday, February 21, 2009


I was told at a club last night that I look exactly ("exactly!") like the fellow on the left here (Fred), who is apparently a Luxembourger Internet celebrity. It was dark and the alcohol was flowing, but what do you think? A current picture of me is provided for reference, in case you'd forgotten what I look like.

The picture of me, by the way, was taken at the Freddie Mercury Cafe, in Zanzibar.


  1. in a club with lights low many things are possible.

    not *exactly* but kinda... nah. well??

    for reference, the suggestion wasn't made in Zanzibar, was it? because that may bias my judgment too.

  2. There is actually a club in LA called Zanzibar, but we weren't at that one. Nor were we in Tanzania, sadly.

    We were at this club called Mood, which was actually kinda low key. Only two go-go dancers and an MC routine.

  3. Not exactly. You're both dark-haired guys with beards. Other than that, not too much of a resemblance. The guy above looks sort of Frank Zappa-esque, though.

  4. I can see a distinct resemblance, although I wouldn't say exactly. But I know you. To a person who had just met you, you could be mistaken for him.

  5. Not exactly, but I saw the resemblance before reading your post.

  6. I also saw the resemblance before reading your post. But I agree with Llama-it's mostly the beards. And maybe that you have, in the past, made similar facial expressions.

    So does this explain how you choose to travel? You go to a club in LA named after an exotic locale and then travel there? "This picture was taken in Zanzibar. This picture was taken in a club called Zanzibar. And in this picture I'm just called Zanzibar." Also, that is hands-down the awesomest name for a city perhaps ever. Is there any language in which it does not sound exotic? Even Swahili maybe, as it appears to be derived from a Persian word.

    Also, I did not know that Zanzibar was an island and that is embarrassing. Now when I read in turn-of-the-last-century pot-boilers in which people take a train to Zanzibar, I will smirk knowingly. Unless there is a bridge.

  7. hmm...not really. Although, Alex was flying back from NYC a couple of days ago and thought he saw you in the San Francisco airport. It wasn't you though... maybe it was that guy.

  8. Zanzibar is pretty sweet. Did you know it used to be its own country until the 60s (or so, I think)? The major city there is called Stone Town, which is also awesome.

    Maybe I'll start my own Internet TV station so I can get Mr. Fred confused with me when he goes out clubbing in Luxembourg. That would be exciting.