Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm getting old

How annoying is it to hear 20-somethings complain about how they're getting old? How they just can't keep up the same lifestyle they used to when they were in college?

I've heard many, many people complain about how their bodies are mysteriously sore these days, about how they just can't go out and party every night of the weekend because they'll be too tired (what exactly do you remember college being like? I was exhausted all the time!). You'd think you were talking with a bunch of octogenarians in a retirement home rather than adults in more-or-less the prime of their physical lives.

I mean, c'mon! Renting (or owning) your own house, holding down a steady job, being socially independent -- those are signs of adulthood, not age! When you need hip surgery, I'll start taking you seriously.

That being said.

I'm experiencing an unexpected and foreign desire to have a quiet weekend in. My summer, so far, has been consisted of a plenitude of social activities, including an SCA event, a trip to LA to attend the IJCAI conference, an out-of-town July 4th trip, Joe's visit to Seattle, my sisters' visit to Seattle, trips to visit Eugene, and attending multiple roller derby bouts [delightfully, at the most recent bout, the audience actively and boisterously cheered when the announcer thank the Ninkasi brewery for their sponsorship], and myriad other, smaller trips. In the upcoming weeks, I'm going to the Shambhala music festival, a friend's wedding in Oakland, and Burning Man. Also, maybe camping.

In a global sense, I'm happy to have such a busy life and the opportunity (while I'm still young, dammit!) to explore my life and have fun.

But right now, I would really, really just love to have a weekend in where I can laze about my house, maybe watch a movie, and not do much of anything. This is strange, and disconcerting. I'm almost never a homebody, and I almost never want "alone time". But at some point over the course of this summer, my psyche's decided it's maybe had a bit too much stimulation and that I should just slow-the-hell-down, thankyouverymuch.

It's too late for that now, of course, but maybe I'll think about this a bit more the next time I have to make long-term plans.

And then maybe I'll have enough time to actually update this blog.


  1. You are absolutely right about how annoying it is for twentysomethings to complain about aging. After a certain point the whole "Oh god, we're adults!" conversation gets tiresome.

    You're also right about needing time to decompress and relax. If I don't get any unstructured time alone, I go nuts. Something that I've learned to do is say to whoever is at my house "I'm going upstairs, now," and leaving the socializing behind in favor of me time.

    Absolutely carve out some quiet time for yourself. Laze about. Do nothing. Play Civ IV a lot and don't apologize for it. Think of it as refueling time for future exploits, watering the horses or whatnot.

  2. Yeah, sometimes we all do it just to be cutesy -- "get off my lawn!". But I think sometimes people just overestimate how much they were able to do and put up with when they were younger.

    Whatever, not really a big deal, of course.

  3. Oh man, just wait 'til you guys hit 30, it's, uh, pretty much the same. Anyway, if you need a break this weekend, I shall do my level best to be unengaging; the socializing equivalent of a sponge bath.

  4. Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things: