Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Burning Man Preview

I went to Burning Man recently with Joe and L. It was pretty fantastic, and I intend to write about the highlights in more detail when time allows. (Don't worry, readers of Joe's blog: some of my highlights will be totally different from his! And I have different pictures.)

At the moment, though, I'm involved in packing up my cute little studio apartment (how I'll miss you!), looking for apartments in LA (long story, but I don't yet have a place to live for the coming school year and I'm going to be in town in four days), and getting ready for the long drive home (one hour left!).

So, in the meantime, I leave you with this picture of one of the more awesome art exhibits we found on the playa. This spaceship was one of the more prominent features in the playa and served for a useful navigational landmark in our late-night wanderings. This shot was taken in the wee hours of the morning, after we successfully stayed up the entire night just to watch the sunrise. (That bright structure nestled up in the hills to the right, by the way, is the Man himself, standing ready for his imminent burn.)

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