Thursday, February 24, 2011

A cheap date

So I went out on a date last night with my friends J and A which proved to be a delightful and cost-effective way to spend an evening on the town in LA (note: not actually a date).

It started off innocuously enough with a movie screening at a local mall, the AMC Century City (a wonderfully trendy, open-door mall within a few-pleasant-suburban-minutes' bike ride from campus). An audience-testing screening involving a Scantron-style review form and no deduction of money from my bank account. A movie whose identity I might share or about whose artistic merits I might be tempted to offer my opinion, were I not contractually debarred from disclosing such. Suffice it to say a good, if somewhat low-expectations-fulfilling, time was had by all in attendance. [NB: The author realizes this isn't that big a deal, but is kind of getting of on the intellectual exercise of excessively-self-aggrandizing doggerel.]

And afterwards, like one does, we decided to sojourn to Banana Republic for some light browsing of the summer fashions and a few glasses of champagne.

Because, of course, it's that one day of the season where the Century City Banana Republic offers its customers hors-d'oeuvres, gourmet chocolates, and champagne. Oh, and of course, the best part: 25% ALL PURCHASES! God knows why, but it was such a delightfully weird little experience that I felt compelled to post about it (and, of course, provide them with that grass-roots buzz that they so crave). And they didn't skimp, either! This was no Dixie cup (™ the Koch Brothers) of champagne and a Hershey's Kiss. No, no. These were full flutes of champagne and large, caramel-filled salted truffles. And constant, friendly attention from the immaculately-dressed employees, always happy to refill your glass or provide you with another bacon-cheese-stuffed mini potato. Professionals, they were.

I have no idea why Banana Republic thinks of itself as upscale enough to warrant a champagne evening, but who am I to turn down free food? We spent a good half hour in the store exploring, me serving A's desire to have a life-sized Ken doll of her very own for the evening, and it was delightful. I now know what I look like in a pink button down shirt/argyle sweater combination (spoiler: not very good) and have a new appreciation for the weird things marketers will do to push a product.

I almost felt bad that I didn't buy anything.